The Potter

Terri Lloyd Strasslach Burgerhaus
Terri - Over 40 years training as a ceramic artist

I am a Munich based ceramic artist training formally and informally with clay for about 40 years in the United States, Canada and Australia.  My work has been exhibited in the U.S.A., Australia, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Romania and Hungary.

I am devoted and passionate about clay.  Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, my first experience with clay was in 9th grade.  I always wanted to be an artist, but had to support myself so I studied business and completed an MBA. In 2000 we moved to Stockholm, Sweden I transformed my hobby into a profession.

First teaching and opening a studio with several Swedish potters. Upon moving to Munich in 2007 I setup my own studio and completed a Distance Diploma program in Ceramics at the Australia National University. Through the program and working with well known potters, I learned a number of new techniques which helped me develop a body of work, specifically using handmade paper clay to make modular wall pieces and sculptures.

In January of 2019 I achieved my life-long dream, to have my own studio for teaching and creating. Located in Strasslach, on the southern border of Munich you will find plenty of room for all the creativity to be unleashed.

I am both an American and Swedish Citizen.